Friday, March 9, 2007

Why this BLOG?

Just like you I run into so many people everyday who tell me about a limited set of items found in Quran and on the other hand, there are those who either have presented verses from Quran to paint either a negative or a postive picture. I personally find many intresting things in Quran, whcih I do not see portrayed. Well, thought should put them here - For us, yes you and me :).

I help Nadeem Naik on his Radio program "Quran Kya Kehta Hay" or "What Quran Says", broadcasted every Sunday from KILE 1560 Houston with a simulcast on internet from This title is inspired from his work.

These articles mostly reflect my personal thoughts, what I find in the Holy Quran. For searching and references of the Holy Quran, I use mostly as it is very easy to make references from. For example if I provide a reference to a verse, I can easily proivde a link in this manner [39:1] , so that you can review all tranlsations provided for this specifc verse. This save me from using one thought process or jut one person's (tranlstor's) opinion. Especially when there are translations in the market place with very sad objectives.

My quest usually is to see "What Quran Says" and not to get indulged in a translation. These articles are written with a soft voice, soft tone and polite attitude. These are not to hurt any person or any religion or any group. Hope you will enjoy them and we can learn from each other.

Kind Regards,
Farooq S. Khan
Student for life and Seeker of enlightenment, from the God - the Supreme Architect of the Universe.


Tanveer Khan :-

Very nice endeavour. Wish you good luck. But as they say, religion, like all good things, should be used in moderation.
I would like to see some essays or thoughts on moderation and Islam.

Amad :-

Question for you on

Please drop by to answer on this thread:


Hesperado :-


I notice in your section for browsing roots of words of the Qur'an, you provide two English translations -- YA and RK. I can guess that YA is Yusuf Ali, but who is RK?


Zaid :-

erich: My guess would be that RK stands for Rashad Khalifa, the founder of United Submitters International. Do a google search on him; he's quite a controversial figure.

Unknown :-

Very nice endeavour.but several places using this word "null".could u pls explain this word?

my email

Farooq Sarwar Khan :-

Word NULL is for your to work on it :)

This means a word was not found or was not entered in the database or a link to a word on a 35d party dictionary site was nto found so far. Or perhaps I need to put a bit more time or you can help :)

This is an open source project and can be downloaded from the links provided. Move it further :) The latst link is on


. :-

Dear Farooq Khan

assalamu alaykum

The project is quite nice, and answers a great need that I have felt.

Most of us do not know what to (and how to) do with the zipped files available for download. We are not programmers. Unziping gives us files we cannot do anything with. If it were an exe file that installed all the information in a user-friendly format, that would be great.

Alternatively can you include a "download whole site" button like that in site.

That would allow us to make use of the info even when the net connection is unavailable.

. :-

assalamu alaykum

I have had no reply from you. I hope you come back to the blog, and look at the previous suggestions.

There is a mistake in Surah 4(an-Nisa`a) verse 91. The correct word is أُولائكم
and not أُولائك

Faheem :-

mashallah love of Quran and hadith will bring us Muslim closer so we have to chose the right path and learn Quran and its hadith in the true manner quran reading listening to quran online Quran Teaching

KnowledgeIncreasesBySharing :-

salam i want to run this project in wampserver2.2, windows 7,

locally but it gives error

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any advise

Unknown :-

تدوین و اردو ترجمہمحمد یاسرعلی


Unknown :-