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Principles of The US Constitution and of the Holy Quran


Quran opposes clergy and it opposes kingdom. It promotes individual rights and it proclaims democracy. How? I have outlined the principles of the US constitution next to the concepts mentioned in the Holy Quran.

The Holy Quran defines a model of an idealogical state, where all men and women should be equal, free and have religous freedom. No difference on the basis of color or language, prohibits slavery. Provides rights to the women.

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The Holy Quran teaches Equality, Justice and Freedom in an idealogical state, equal rights for men and women, defence of idealogical state, no difference on cast or creed, language or color, self governance, equal rights for men and women and prohibits slavery?

There are obvious reasons, why Quran was rejected by both the muslim and the western kingdom and clergy. It opposes clerygy and it opposes kingdom. It promotes individual rights and it proclaims democray. How? This article of mine discusses it:

Any invasion upon your state should be defended. Should it or not? Military is not militancy - Permission to wage WAR is to defend the Idealogical state. This is mullah(s) who promoted the individual militance. On the other hand Quran defines a model of a democratic state, where all men will be equal, free and have religous freedom. Please check one of my long articles for the details.

Quran was very quickly rejected by Kings and Clergy. History is a witness, they devised their own rules in the books called Fiqah, Sharia and Hadith(s) and managed to polifirate the concepts so that King (and his kin) will never have to walk away from the wealth and so would clergy enjoy its fruits. A form of idealogical state as similar to United States means death to the Islamic Mullah(s). They want to give fatwa(s) royal and religous decrees and do not belive in "mutual consultation". This is how they go the other way - away from the teachings of he holy Quran.

Practically all muslim countries have one of the following issues:

1. Either all men(and women) are not lawfully equal.
2. Limitation on ownership of property, business or right to vote.
3. Women are lower class citizens, above them come many others.
4. Slavery is practiced in one way or the other.
5. Justice is driven by wealth.
6. Civil rights are non-existant.
7. Cast, Creed, color, dialect, language is basis of merit.
8. Welfare is non-existant.
9. A growth (Zakat means to grow) based economical system is not present instead government are to reward themselves.
10. Mutual consultation or democratic process is non-existant. Mullah(s) and Militaries build an infrastructure which is based upon one or two persons and nto the people of the country.
11. Public wealth is considered private wealth by rulers in the muslim states.

So which country in the world today has a constitution conforming to the Quran?

I will let you answer this question!

We know God keeps he promises:

024.055 Allah has promised to those of you who believe and do good that He will most certainly make them rulers in the earth as He made rulers those before them....

Who is the rulers in the earth today?
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Index to Search Quran

Hello there,

The following sites have searchable Quran. They are all similar in nature with slight differences. Features I like are, that one can click on any word to find its root and then use the root to search for all the verses where any variation of a given root is found. Addiitionally one can see multiple translations by more than one scholars.

Just to check, if this blog can save Arabic or not: الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ

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Why this BLOG?

Just like you I run into so many people everyday who tell me about a limited set of items found in Quran and on the other hand, there are those who either have presented verses from Quran to paint either a negative or a postive picture. I personally find many intresting things in Quran, whcih I do not see portrayed. Well, thought should put them here - For us, yes you and me :).

I help Nadeem Naik on his Radio program "Quran Kya Kehta Hay" or "What Quran Says", broadcasted every Sunday from KILE 1560 Houston with a simulcast on internet from This title is inspired from his work.

These articles mostly reflect my personal thoughts, what I find in the Holy Quran. For searching and references of the Holy Quran, I use mostly as it is very easy to make references from. For example if I provide a reference to a verse, I can easily proivde a link in this manner [39:1] , so that you can review all tranlsations provided for this specifc verse. This save me from using one thought process or jut one person's (tranlstor's) opinion. Especially when there are translations in the market place with very sad objectives.

My quest usually is to see "What Quran Says" and not to get indulged in a translation. These articles are written with a soft voice, soft tone and polite attitude. These are not to hurt any person or any religion or any group. Hope you will enjoy them and we can learn from each other.

Kind Regards,
Farooq S. Khan
Student for life and Seeker of enlightenment, from the God - the Supreme Architect of the Universe.
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